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Apps- More B.C. First Nations Language Apps and FirstVoices Chat Now Available for the iPod, iPad and iPhone
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Check out the latest cool language lesson from Nak'azdli built with the FirstVoices Language Tutor.

View a 4 minute video describing the Language Tutor

We currently have over 60 Communities archiving their languages, with 47 of those now publicly available!

FirstVoices launches more Language Learning Games

FirstVoices Launches an interactive help system

FirstVoices Kids provides access to the FirstVoices language archives for pre-readers
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Hy'chka, Gilakas'la, Kleco-Kleco, Thank You!
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Recommended fonts
Due to FirstVoices' use of Unicode font technology, one or more of the following fonts are recommended to ensure correct character representation: Aboriginal Sans Serif, Aboriginal Serif, Lucida Grande (bundled with Mac OSX) , Lucida Sans Unicode (comes with Windows), Gentium, Code2001.

FirstVoices also uses the Quicktime video player. Download the free plug-in here: QuickTime

FirstVoices Audio Recording Buyer's Guide - view our online audio equipment guide

What is FirstVoices
FirstVoices is a group of web-based tools and services designed to support Aboriginal people engaged in language archiving, language teaching & culture revitalization. More... or Try our Quick Start Guide


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